space guillemet The Gîte en Paille / Description

space grande feuille verte A holiday home in the respect of all:

The «Gîte en Paille» has been conceived with an emphasis on energy-saving and respect for the environment. All the rooms on the ground floor are wheelchair-friendly. You have a living-room with a fitted kitchen and dining area, a lovely bedroom with its terrace, a bathroom with an Italian shower and a modern composting Toilet. On the first floorpatchwork photos of the bedroom downstairs © Photos Elvire Parazolsthere is a large bedroom with two single beds and another room which can conveniently be used as a third bedroom, or a study and sitting-room area with flat-screen, DVD player, games for all the family, etc. In the third room you also have one cupboard-bathroom. All the rooms are furnished with taste and discretion.back to the top
patchwork photos of the third bedroom-lounge multimedia area upstairs © Photos Elvire ParazolsSleeping arrangement as follows: downstairs one double bed, upstairs three single beds and one bed that can be extended to a double one (infant bed or baby cot, available on request see here).
patchwork photos of the second bedroom, upstairs © Photos Elvire Parazols
The cottage is designed to be accessable to handicapped people (the whole ground floor) and will receive its certification in due time. Disabled customers, feel free to contact us for any requirements that you may have (more about our services here).back to the top

space grande feuille verte A cottage for relaxing holidays:

This holiday house is fully equiped. The ecological way of living proposed here is very simple and fun to experience. When you arrive we give you a quick review of the "dos" of this organic home (like for the composting toilet for instance). These ecological attitudes are very easy to follow and give you more free time to enjoy your holiday!

 petite icone feuille A4 Kitchen Equipment:back to the top

You have a fitted kitchen on the ground floor with all the comfort required for your stay: an electric-oven (energy class A+), a gas hob with three burners (one especiallyphotos patchwork of the kitchen, Gîte en Paille © Photos Elvire Parazols large for Wok-cooking) and its cooker hood, a dish-washer (energy class A+), a refrigerator with integrated freezer (energy class A++), a bread machine, cast iron (or/and ceramic) frying pans, a "gentle-steamer" pot (no high pressure), coffee-machines (an expresso Italian one and a "classical" one) and teapots, (see the kitchen arrival kit here!), and an economic Tapwater system. For any extra request, and as long as it is "organic compatible", feel free to ask and we'll see what we can do.

 petite icone feuille A4 Bathroom Equipment:back to the top

In the bathroom you have two washbasins, an Italian shower with thermostatic mixertap (thermostatic mixing valve adjustable with a knob and with anti-scald function), a washing-machine (energy class A+) that smartly enough weighs the laundry beforephotos patchwork of the bathroom downstairs © Photos Elvire Parazols washing it (to adjust the amount of detergent and water) and a composting toilet. All the products for the bathroom are also included in the "kitchen/bathroom-organic-Kit"

 petite icone feuille A4 Furthermore...:back to the top

  • The house cleaning is also environmentally friendly with a special vacuum-cleaner, your organic cleaning kit (products which are included in your "kitchen-bathroom-organic-Kit") which respects our waste-water system.
  • You have three different bins for the selective sorting (paper, glass, waste) and a compost-bin (see on-site our brochure to help you sort that out!). You can also test a "vermicompost" bin (lombricompost) in the kitchen if you feel like it!
  • In the colder season you have a very efficient pellet-oven with its own integrated pellet tank.
  • The «Gite en Paille» has a wooden terrasse (exposed to the south) and a garden where you can barbecue.
  • You also have access to the swimming-pool.
  • For the aromatic garden, see here, thank you!

space grande feuille verte About the organic facilities:back to the top

small icone Whether you are new to these technics or already in the know, we'd like to give you a few details about the whole installation here below...

petite icone feuille A4 The Composting Toilet:

For your comfort in the bathroom you've got a modern composting toilet with "separator" to keep the system easy and fun for you to use. Picture of the composting Toilet with its seat closed © Photos Elvire ParazolsWhat system? A composting toilet of the new generation : it looks just like any other toilet except that it separates the liquids from the solids. The former go directly into the used water pipe system, then into the wastewater treatment, the latter remain in a bucket with the paper and get dried by sawdust and a special ventilation thus without odours! Once full the bucket is emptied onto the composting area in the garden. This allows a very short and quick recycling cycle from the house to the garden while caring for the environment.back to the top
picture of the lid of the toilet-seat with the dos and don'ts explained! © Photos Elvire ParazolsPicture of the composting Toilet with its seat opened © Photos Elvire Parazols


 petite icone feuille A4 Ecological Insulation:back to the top

  • Cork pannels from Portugal to insulate the floor (around 5cm thick)
  • Straw-bales from the Gers region for the walls (on the whole 44cm thick).
  • Hemp fiber (high density) insulation pannels for the roof (20 cm thick + Pavatex (rain protector) + Dasatop (vapour-screen))
  • Electro-magnetic radiation protected cables for the electrical system
  • Double glasing (4/16/10 - argon field) in larch wood frames, locally manufactured
  • Cork pannels from recycled bottler cork stoppers ("bouchon") to insulate the parquet on the first floor (around 4mm thick)

 petite icone feuille A4  Natural Materials:back to the top

  • The straw-bale from the Gers for the walls (see above!)
  • Lime or clay render for the internal and external walls
  • Natural paints
  • Brick or Hemp/ clay brick internal walls
  • Oak parquet flooring in the bedrooms
  • Terra Cota tiles from Art et Sol (made in the Dordogne) for the ground floor

 petite icone feuille A4 The Heating/ Other Energiesback to the top

Patchwork de photos du poêle à granulés © E.Parazols

  • the pellet oven is very quiet and self-sufficient for 2 or 3 days, it has thermostatic control and double-burning technology. This oven has received the environmentally friendly Austrian certification. This kind of heating gives you a very gentle and regular warmth all over the house thanks to the thermal store of the walls.
  • The hot water is supplied by the sun (solar panels)
  • The "green" electricity comes from Enercoop

petite icone feuille A4 The Swimming-poolback to the top

  • Its size: 10 x 5 meters
  • Maximum water depth: 1,80 meter
  • Entrance: Staircase with whirlpool jets air and water for massage.
  • Eco-friendly filter based on active oxygen: you cannot taste or notice anything, the water does not irritate the skin or the eyes anymore.
  • Security: the pool complies with the security and hygienic legislation applicable in France.

Patchwork de prises de vue de la piscine du Gite en Paille

*The environmentally friendly plus: the pool structure is recyclable, easy to build (as in a DIY-kit), hardly any concrete involved at all, hence no material waste during the building site.

petite icone feuille A4 The Reed Bed (or wastewater treatment) back to the top

The wastewater treatment is a constructed wetland basin/pool to treat the "grey waters" (domestically used water, i.e. so-called wastewater) through a reed bed (actually there are more plants than just reeds here!). The plants through their roots feed on the organic elements in the water, filtering it while growing. Like another flower-bed, it has to be cleaned up a bit once a year (usually at the end of the Winter). Image of the Reed bed/ wastewater treatment area © Elvire Parazols

space grande feuille verte The Gardenback to the top

Around the house and «The Gite en Paille» we created an aromatic and vegetable garden. We decided to go for the raised bed technics among them the "hugelkultur" (see also this page: So you will find that lots of the garden beds are in wooden or stony squares and rectangles, and at least 20-40 cm above the ground. You are welcome to cut and use the herbs and flowers of «The Gite en Paille»photos patchwork 1: Roucollias' raised beds with aromatic herbs, vegetable and medicinal plants © Elvire Parazolsgarden while your are staying at the cottage. If you do not feel confident enough to do so, please ask us to give you a hand! We can also prepare herbs baskets on demand, for your herb teas or cooking for example. As a souvenir you can also take home some herbs in pots or in seed-bags. We maintain and cultivate everything in an organic way, introducing some Biodynamic technics and following the moon calendar as much as possible (we are learning something new from the plants every day).
photos patchwork 2: Roucollias' raised beds with aromatic herbs, vegetable and medicinal plants © Elvire Parazols In the garden, there is also plenty of space to play «pétanque», a French version of lawn bowling (we can supply you a set), badminton (ditto), etc. Beyond this cultivated garden you will discover the natural gardens and forest of Roucollias (see below).

 petite icone bulle Roucollias' History...back to the top

At the beginning of the 20th century Roucollias' hill was a vineyard. What remains is the typical rocky soil similar to that of the Provence region, called «Garrigue». Many aromatic herbs grow naturally amongst wild halzetnut and juniper bushes, hawthorns, small oaks and pine trees. We want to keep these gardens around the cottage and the house the way nature intended it to be. The added ornemental plants and flowers are chosen from types that naturally grow in this area (flora and fauna tends to be a mixture of continental varieties with an influence from the Atlantic coast to the west). These flowers will bring shape and life to the garden thanks to their structure and colour in their discreet ways (most of them are considered "wild", not to be found in a catalog!).
Pictures Patchwork: view of the gardens/nature/woods around Roucollias © E. ParazolsThe surrounding forests offer you the opportunity to walk in peace, observe the local flora and fauna or admiring the view down the valley while remaining close to the cottage. back to the top